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Voice Overs

Here I will put a more comprehensive guide to my experiences with voice acting but for now here are two links to view.

Demos and Auditions

My Voiced Characters

This is a temporary spot for this but for now I will be posting the list of current castings and auditions I have:

Current Roles:

Grimbot’s Transformers Headmasters: Episode 3 – Scourge, Weirdwolf, Chromedome, Skullcruncher

Adaptations GJ: Transformers Headmasters – Scourge

Hallstar’s Transformers Radioplay – Megatron

Episode 1 | Episode 2

Beast Wars – The Device Episode 1 – Megatron, Tarantulas, Rhinox

Episode 1 – Part 1 | Part 2 | Episode 2

Transformers The Movie Abridged – Scourge, Spike, Wheelie, Quintesson Guard, Chanting Decepticon

Abridged Movie Link

Transformers – War Tales – Megatron (G1/Prime Version)

Episode 1

Beast Wars – Dark Glass – Megatron, ———-

Batman – Knightfall Saga – Amygdala, Trogg

Pheonix Wright – Turnabout Goodbyes – Marvin Grossberg

Transformers – Prime Time 3 – War Within Prime

Current Auditions:


Current Productions:

Beast Wars – Dark Glass – Voice Director, Executive Producer

Past Roles:

Transformers – Scramble City – Reloaded – Blades, Superion

Thomas the Tank Parody – Fat Conductor